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Programa bilingüe-GlobalClassrooms 2018-19-Madrid Conference


10 alumnos de 3º ESO Sección participan en las conferencias preliminares de Madrid de Global Classrooms

Entre los días 21 y 28 de Enero, en el CRIF Las Acacias de Vista Alegre,  alumnos de 3º de la ESO de 113 Institutos bilingües de la Comunidad de Madrid han participado en los debates de la fase preliminar del programa GLOBAL CLASSROOMS.

Los 10 alumnos que fueron seleccionados por su capacidad y trabajo para representar al centro en las conferencias de Madrid fueron: Amaya Obreo, Matilde Anaya, Sofía Juzgado, Calvin Reid y Carmen Medina de E3A; y Mara Medina, David Pulido, Patricia González Piquero, Andrés de Miguel y Blanca López Martín de E3B.  Como auténticos delegados de la ONU han representado en parejas a  sus países: Grecia, Turquía, México, Pakistán y Estados Unidos. A lo largo de la sesiones, hicieron sus discursos de apertura, participaron en los debates defendiendo sus posturas y escuchando las de otras delegaciones para finalmente redactar resoluciones definitivas y concluir la conferencia votando una resolución conjunta.

El programa de Global Classroom es excelente y la experiencia educativa ha sido enormemente rica y positiva. Los alumnos han sido los protagonistas de su aprendizaje y tanto nadie mejor que ellos para describirla.

“We had a really good time and we enjoyed the experience very much. People were very nice and we made some friends. It was much better than we expected. Everyone was extremely well prepared. We want to recommend something to future participants: don’t get stressed and enjoy the experience. Also getting prepared for the conference was hard work but fun work. Teachers supported us a lot and we are very grateful.” (Carmen Medina y Amaya Obreo E3A)

“Global  Classroom was a great experience. I learned many things about how to debate and also learned a lot about countries. Thanks to GC I know how to research and write good essays. I also met many great people.” (Sofía Juzgado E3A)

“I really enjoyed Global Classrooms and I feel lucky to have stayed in this competition for so long. You really learn a lot and meet great people from other schools. You have to work really hard on your English writing and speaking because everyone is just as good as you.” (Calvin Reid E3A)


“The opportunity to participate in the Global Classrooms program has been an experience I will remember all my life. There are many reasons that have made this incredible experience.

Firstly, on a personal level, it has made me think and grow about my perception of society and the problems faced by people in different countries. For example, the fact of knowing more about the problems faced by other children around the world and that all countries try to take measures to solve it.

Secondly, at the school level, Global Classrooms has helped me improve my English a lot and increase my ability to speak in public. It has helped me to lose the fear of defending my ideas in front of other classmates. Another aspect of improving my school level is that I have learned to listen carefully when other people present their ideas.

Thirdly, on a personal level, the project has allowed me to work together withone of my best friends. We have been able to do the work together and we have known each other much more. I have also been able to meet other guys like me from other high schools and I have noticed that there are very good people in other places and have a very high level.

Finally, I am very proud of my school, my teachers, my partners, my assistant and the Global Classrooms team. For all that I have said before, I think this is a very good experience that I am very happy to have had the opportunity to experience, that is worth the effort that I have made with all my partners, my teachers and my assistant. I encourage everyone to participate in this program if they have the opportunity.

Thank you,”

(Matilde Anaya 3ºA)

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